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About American Eskimo Dog Rescue

Contact Information:

American Eskimo Dog Rescue
PO Box 253
Wheeling, IL 60090

email: [email protected]


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This is a local chapter of the national organization Heart Bandits. Throughout this site if you need to refer to our national site, you may click the Heart Bandits logo on the left of the screen.

Although we work with our sister chapters and other groups to place all dogs in need, our group specializes as an extension to all the groups to work with dogs that are harder to place. These dogs take longer to adopt for any number of reasons, for example: age, health issues, behavioral issues.

We're very careful in our placement process to find the right match and would never place a dog that we thought would not fit in with every family member. Our group tries to limit adoptions to within a 100-mile radius so that after adoption we can be available to help — this is a commitment we make to our dogs to ensure a happy home.View the answer key


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